Trade the Chain

Everything starts from the Idea 

Trade the chain can help cut through the noise on social media and tell it like it REALLY is - directly to the investor, showing how an investor can profit today.


Trade the Chain





Trade the Chain is a social signal platform led by a group of globally distributed professionals with expertise in crypto trading. The team’s backgrounds come from years on the institutional side of crypto before they decided to share their knowledge and resources, and weaponize traders with the tools to make money.

My Role

I am the Head of Marketing and part of the founding team that pushed revenue from $0.00 to over $2.5 million by the end of 24 months of trading. Trade the Chain remains a successful blockchain community and has continued to grow in strength, resulting in the development of its own proprietary token $SENT and a trading non-custodial wallet called $SENT Galaxy.  .

My role included designing and implementing the initial growth strategy for the company, providing advice and consultancy as well as developing the partnership pipeline. In recent months, focus has been on social media advertising and management as well as designing the initial tokenomics of the project. I am an integral part of the growth of the firm and its future plans.

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