About Twister Digital

Twister Digital is an international marketing consultancy and fractional marketing firm, specialising in digital marketing, SEO, PR and marketing strategy across a range of industries. As Founder of Twister Digital, Sunil Chauhan is a Marketing and Business Leader, Consultant and Advisor with over 14 years experience and is perfectly positioned to help your company grow further.

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Seasoned Pro

With experience in growing start-ups and mid-tier firms across a variety of industries, we can help you to grow your brand and revenue through digital marketing, SEO, marketing strategy and more.

Accelerating Growth

From building businesses from the ground up into commercially viable propositions, we have helped many firms reach their objectives including brand awareness, product launches and achieving record profits.

Global Connections

With deep experience in Financial Services, Blockchain and Life Sciences, we can increase your global footprint through our network and connections.



Strategy Creation, Strategy Implementation, Consultancy and Advisory

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Marketing Strategy, Digital Strategy, Product Marketing, Growth Marketing, Media Representation, Video Support

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Organic & Paid Search

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Paid Search via Google, Paid Media via Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, TikTok, and Linkedin

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Social Media Management

Brand Building, Channel Management, Grow Audience, Community Engagement

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Case studies


Archax is a digital securities institutional focused exchange, regulated by the FCA in London. Archax also has its FCA brokerage, custody and crypto-asset permissions.

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Trade the Chain

Trade the Chain is a social signal platform led by a group of globally distributed professionals with expertise in crypto trading. The team’s backgrounds come from years on the ...

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Moneyline Sports Logo 390x310

MoneyLine Sports

MoneyLine Sports Inc. is a sports technology and media company focused on developing licensed, digital streaming content and trading tools for the growing land based and online sport betting and ...

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What Clients Say.

Simon Barnby- CMO, Archax

Simon Barnby

CMO - Archax

Sunil worked with Archax on a project to help us with a broad range of digital marketing activities, including SEO optimisation, website optimisation, user journeys, UI/UX reviews, etc. He also helped with outbound marketing campaigns, media intros and press release distribution. Sunil delivered above and beyond what was expected from him and I can wholeheartedly recommend him.

Doug De Rosa

CoFounder - Trade the Chain

Sunil is a partner at Trade the Chain and Director of Marketing Strategy. His skills helped us to deliver a compelling user acquisition strategy that led to a successful cryptocurrency subscription programme for the past 3 years.

Michael Friedman

CEO - Moneyline Sports

Sunil is part of Moneylines core team as a fractional CTO/ CMO. His skills in building our strategy and acting as my right hand has ensured business growth ahead of our public listing. His experience of blockchain has plugged a knowledge gap.

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